Tuesday, October 1, 2013

False Alarm returns!

The False Alarm quotes many people in my life. 

Hey, if you like the strip, and you want to show me some love and help me keep it going, please consider dropping a buck or two into my paypal donation account!  (The link never seems to work when I fix it, so if you have problems, my paypal email is mambo_lotus@hotmail.com!_HUGE and emphatic thanks go out to Jules Fishwick, Jiz Henley, Jan Swijsen, Olivia O'Connor, Natalie Daley, Marissa Partridge, Mel Frisbie, Anne Lashua, and my dear Dad, for donating already.  You are all superheroes!

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  1. This is a very different web page format than I am used to. Having read your archives today and deciding to add you to my bookmarked comic list I began to notice that you don't seem to have many comments so I thought that I owed you at least as much as to "SAY SOMETHING" so I noticed one comment you asked how the reader found you. Well I in particular read 27 web comics every time they post which sounds like a lot, all but one of which I discovered through links on other web comics. Yours in particular I found on "go get a roomie" which I found through a link on another site ect, ect... all the way back to "girl genius" which was the comic through which I discovered the whole web comic genre. I had bought "girl genius #2" from my local comic store years before when I still had money for such.... and curiously decided to research it on the web when I found out I could read it online, thus began a long history of many patronages. If there was ONE PRIME SUGGESTION I would make for your site it is add more navigation buttons it took me 30 minutes of bungling around the site to figure out how to get to the beginning of the archives. Statistically you lose somewhere in the 80% range of people if they cant figure out your site navigation in 1-2 minutes so you might want to do something about that. I like your comic enough that I read the whole of it on this first day and added you directly to my regularly scheduled reading list instead of the new reads temp list. I hope to see you do well (or at least better than your comic content imply's) I have noticed that I tend to be wordy and sometimes weird, clinical, or aloof in my comments so I apologize in advance if this or future comments come-off wrong.


    1. Hey, thanks for your response! Sorry it took me so long to get you back. I agree, I hate this layout and want to design a more reader-friendly site. I'm limited as to skill, but I'm looking into doing something different very soon. Please keep reading! I promise I'll improve.