Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sorry I'm so late, peeps! This has been, doubtless, the worst week in the history of my life, and it isn't better yet, but hopefully it'll get better soon. The short short version if it is that I'm still jobless, so if you wan to make it better, do us both a favor and go buy the Snap Crackle Pop Book! It's totally hip, and it'll make me a few bucks in the process, so it's almost like giving to charity and getting a really awesome book at the same time.

I like Bacon's "Kit" costume.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why aren't I rolling in money yet, people?

Psst, buy my book! Literally zillions of copies left!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BOOOOOOK! No, seriously this time.

Okay folks, here we go: WE HAVE A BOOK!

I didn't say anything until I was totally sure, but it's all legitimate, I have my own copy which does not suck, and it is now live and available to all of you on!

Go get it! Here!

Why should you buy a book of the comic you can read online for free?

1. Because it's a nice thing to do, dude.
2. Because it has a boss color cover!
3. Because it has not just the comics, from 1 to 200, but a pantload of other very cool things as well, including guest art, new art and some previously unpublished stuff for your enjoyment.
4. Because I've worked for you for free for like four and a half years.

Anyway it's a nice book, go check it out, and for all my local pals (all two of you) stop by Jelly's in a coupe of weeks and they should be carrying it! Enjoy, folks!

That link again is RIGHT HERE!

Sea creatures dropping!

Now that you've had your comic, my important announcement will follow. Stay tuned, kids!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mackdaddy human pimp

Try and save a few bucks for a rainy day, folks! Hopefully by next week, I'll have a surprise for you.