Friday, September 27, 2013

Get me to the Con on time!

Aloha, gentle readers!  As some of you may know, I live in the distant land of Hawaii.  While Hawaii is not short on turtles and pineapple, it does lack comic conventions.  We bum artists depend on these to get the word out about our toons.  The only two cons on my island are anime-centric, so I stand little chance of being loved anyway, but I’m taking my chance on Oni-Con this November.  For this, I need to pay for the printing of some of my books, which would include not only the first volume of Snap Crackle Pop which hopefully you all already have (if not, go thither!) but also a BRAND SPANKING NEW SNAP CRACKLE POP BOOK coming out very very soon.
In short, I need some dough.  If you like my comic, if it has provided you with giggles over the years, if you want to support we of the ink stained comedic world, please drop a little change in my tip jar, whatever you think the comic is worth.  It would go a long way to helping me continue providing you with chicks and monsters and one or two yuks.  You can drop your dough at my paypal right here!  
Why should you donate?  if “because I love Kit and her demonic companions” isn’t enough, here are a few prizes!
$1-$5 donations: You will receive the gratitude and love of your cartoonist, along with a personal thank-you on the SCP website!  Yay for you!
$10: In addition to the special thanks, you’ll get two vinyl SCP stickers to slap anywhere you like!  Woohoo!
$15: You get the special thanks, two stickers, and a Snap Crackle Pop 4x6 print of your choice from among many full-color promo illustrations by your cartoonist.  Send along your print preference with your donation and it shall be thine!
$20: All the abovementioned prizes are yours for the grabbing, BUT rather than one SCP print, you shall have THREE!  And also, you are stunning in that outfit, my god.  You must stop traffic lookin’ like that.
$30: All the above prizes will be yours except rather than just three prints, you receive ALL SEVEN of the offered prints!  You also will obtain the secret powers of a werewolf.
$40: $40: Wow!  I had to add this category cause some of you loons donated this much!  Yay for you!  You will get everything mentioned above, PLUS a t-shirt from my SCP Schwag Shoppe, or an SCP book, whichever you like.  And also I will telepathically hug you all week.

I would just love it if you’d send a buck or two my way.  Thanks a million and keep reading!

The prints on offer are below!

As well as another sooper secret print that can only be found if you give me a vote here!

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  1. the paypal link didn't work .... lucky you have a Donate button on the side ... g-luck Kit