Tuesday, February 25, 2014



  1. 1. What are the decorations on Kit's shirt? I don't understand the reference. 3 demons?
    2. I like how the image on Adam's shirt changes. Motion graphics (already an MIT novelty). Was that on purpose?

  2. 1. The little dudes on the shirt are Daruma dolls, a Japanese wishing doll that I'm becoming slightly obsessed with.
    2. Not at all on purpose, no. Since I do things by hand, it's impossible to get a repeating image perfect every single time, but in the case of an item of clothing, which moves with the wearer, even less so. I thought I'd done a relatively good job with consistency, but I see I need more work.

  3. don't try to be consistent, let the shirts live their own live a bit ... <3