Friday, January 20, 2012

Tiny little update

Hey folks! I know I've abandoned you for a while now, but I just have a small update for you. After the official Snap Crackle Pop character interview, reader Mark had a question to add, which I am only now getting around to answering...

Mark: Are we going to see more of Lily Fox in your strip? Also, she looks kind of familiar. Is Lily modeled on one of the employees at Jelly's?

Actually, Lily is my big sister! This must be the only corner of the interwebs where people know who I am rather than her, as she's a pretty famous artist and about five billion times better than me, which I am only cool with because she's my best friend, my inspiration and one of the coolest, most incredible people I know. You can find her amazing art here, but don't start following her and abandon my comic. ;)

She may yet come back into the comic. I'll be honest, I have trouble writing people I actually know, because I always feel dumb writing their dialogue -- to me, it never really sounds like them. But Lily is my best pal, so she's never far away.

And older strip of ours...


  1. I love this strip!
    That reminds me of my sister and I. Over the years, I have realized that we are just good at different things. But there are still times when she will be talking about something and I will wonder what I am doing with my life! Haha

    I love how I can relate to your comics even though we are very different people. I think your work is fantastic. You and your sister are both good, you're just different.

  2. I followed the link to your sister's devArt page and I have to say... I very much prefer your style. If someone had linked me to each of you separately and asked who was the better artist, I would have said you, hands down.