Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Solace of Stopping Whining

If you dig this comic and all it represents, show me some love with a click down below or even a much-cherished comment! Want to show me even more love? Visit my online shop, Domestic Voodoo or go snag that Snap book you know you've been wanting! Y'know, just sayin'. You could if you felt like it. Enjoy, peeps!


  1. I think it's about time I tell you how much I love this comic strip and you. I love your drawing style and your characters; I think Kit is the perfect heroine because she's so far from the average perfect heroine. I think she's beautiful. I think YOU'RE beautiful. I own your book and spend a long time trying to shove it on all the people I know. I've reread the entire comic from the beginning more than once. I also want to tell you how sad I would be if you ever stopped drawing it- like if you decided to go on with your real life or something, I would probably resent you forever.

    I think you're seriously underrated and you shouldn't be having such a hard time getting published. I want you to be making a fantastic amount of money on this. Snap Crackle Pop is what the funnies- and the art world- is missing.
    Love from the other side of the continental United States,

  2. Brigid -- you are my hero. You should know that this comic pretty much IS my real life, and I'm not sure what else I'd do if I didn't draw it, so thank heaven I'll never have your resentment. Thanks for making my whole month.